Apricot Seeds

apricotseedsApricot seeds contain a compound called Amygdalin which is found in apples,plums,peaches and bitter almonds.  Amygdalin also KILLS cancer cells! (Personally, I have met many people whose family/friends used this and it has saved their lives. I also recommended it to a few people and got amazing feedback.)

Amygdalin also known as B17, is converted to cyanide in the body which is poisonous and can cause serious harm therefore it is recommended to consume three (3) kernels per day.

The kernels are extremely bitter (I tasted one and was in disbelief at HOW bitter they really are.) For that reason it can be purchase in capsules.

Always Remember.. when coming to food “ Bitter the Better” .

Click on the Links if you would like to Read More:

Dr.Axe  WebMd  Apricot Power


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